How do I extend the life of my device?

How do I extend the life of my device?

To get the most out of your Nicovape® Q and ensure it works effectively for the longest time possible, you should use the supplied USB-C cable to charge the device.

Electronic devices have different voltage and current (amps) requirements for charging. Exceeding those requirements can damage the device.

The Nicovape® Q should be charged with a USB Type-C data cable transferring 5V (volts) of power at 0.7 amps (700 milliamps | mA. A standard wall charger, computer USB port or similar output source should match this requirement.

To help ensure your device remains at peak functionality the longest, some basic rules are:

  • Only use the charging cable provided with the Nicovape® Q device to charge it. Avoid using a USB Type-C cable designed for other electronics/devices (e.g. computer power cables).
  • Check the power output of the wall charger you plug into before connecting the cable to ensure it says 5V. Note: wall charger not included. Power adaptors for newer model laptops or tablets supply up to 20V. These high voltages may damage the device.

Wall charger output

  • If you wish to purchase a new charging cable for your device, make sure your cable power transfer matches the power rating of the Nicovape® Q cable, i.e., a standard 5V data cable.

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