How do I dispose of my device/empty pods?

How do I dispose of my device/empty pods?

The Nicovape® Q device is designed to be very robust and reliable, and the lithium-ion battery is intended to provide in excess 500 cycles.

At the end of its lifecycle, your device should be treated as a consumer electronic device. Please follow the recommendations of your local city council or municipality for guidance on disposing of a lithium-ion battery.

Nicovape® Q Cartridges are made predominantly of a recyclable PCTG resin. Check with local council or municipal recycling programs to ensure the Q Cartridge is suitable for recycling in your area. As nicotine can be harmful to the environment, please rinse out your empty cartridges prior to recycling.

As an environmentally conscious company, Liber is currently working with an external partner to create a unique recycling program for Q Cartridges. We hope to make this available in the near future.

This website is intended for existing customers of the Nicovape® Q and Q SD under prescription.

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