Can I take my Nicovape® Q on an airplane?

Can I take my Nicovape® Q on an airplane?

The Nicovape® Q device is safe for air travel and has been designed with safety foremost in mind – complying with the international standards for lithium-ion battery safety.

In Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has advised that e-cigarettes are restricted to carry-on luggage only, and must not be packed in checked luggage. If traveling overseas, contact your airline or check the list of prohibited items provided by the airline company.

Due to the pressurisation of the cabin, previously opened Q Cartridges may leak during air travel. As a suggestion, prior to air travel, opened Q Cartridges should be removed from your device and wrapped in absorbent paper for the duration of the trip.

The use and charging of e-cigarettes is not permitted onboard commercial aircraft in Australia.

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